Rolling Along

There has been a lot of training talk as athletes get ready for their big late season races. In the past I might have tried to do what other athletes are doing or try some risky approach, but this year is different. I have a great coach and a program that I believe in.

Here is what I have done the past 7 days. I have built steadily over the last 8 weeks to this volume. In addition, I had another ride and run scheduled, but I had to move it to Sunday because of a wedding on Sat. This week finishes off this cycle. Next week I will race and then have a 3-4 week block that will be similar to what you see below, but with more intensity added in.

Day 1 - 8:25

Started off with a tough 5000 yd swim and then hopped directly on the bike for 132 mile ride in 6:42, all steady on a hot day. Mix of hills and rolling terrain, 30min run off the bike.

Day 2 - 3:01

3:01 Run, just under 25 miles total. Last 90min in the hills on pavement.

Day 3 - 5:05

Good swim of 4500 to start and then a solid 3:45 ride in the hills, 75 miles.

Day 4 - 4:45

95min 13.5 mile run in the morning. 10mile mainset at just under max aerobic HR. Short hard swim of 3500 LCM followed by weights. Evening 1:20 spin.

Day 5 - 4:00

Morning track session, hot and humid. Mainset was 8x600 on 1:05 rest. All in 1:56-8. Then 4x100 on 40s rest. 15-16sec for these. nice improvement. Easy swim of 2500 directly from the track and then a steady 2:10 ride of 41 miles.

Day 6 - 8:40

Morning open water swim of 4500 with mix of efforts. Directly on the bike for 7:00 in the hills. 131 miles. Tough ride, felt great throughout. Run off the bike of 40min and a little over 5.5 miles.

Day 7 - 4:00

Solid morning run of 2:40, 23 miles in the hills, followed by an easy swim, 2000. Weights

Swim 6:10 22km
Bike 20:57 404 miles
Run 9:28 80 miles
Weights 2 sessions.
Total Hours 37:56

Something new to this week is that I felt stronger as I went. I am getting down close to my goal race weight and making sure to do all the small things to make sure that i am recovering well. I believe that not many athletes arrive at their key race knowing that they have done everything that they could to prepare both physically and mentally to win....I am.

Thank you to all that support and believe with me. 7 weeks to go...


mat steinmetz said…
That is one heck of a week. Great job--keep it rolling.


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