Feb 28 - H*** Yeah!!!

Wednesday Feb 28

So today I saw power numbers A LOT higher than previous rides while doing my vo2 work. I just got new Dura Ace Pedals which seem to have better power transfer. I can't wait to get my new TTX in a week or so which should be even more stiff than my current ride.

Anyway, hot hot hot here today:

Morning Swim: 1:04, 4250 yards. 400s, 100k, 8x50 build to HARD on 1min. Then Mainset of 4x800 on 11:00 (10:15,10:13,10:07,10:09) Not Blazing Speed, but it was hot in the sun.

Ride after: 6xsugar loaf on about = recovery. After about a 40min warm-up. Here are the numbers!!!

#1 - 2:20, AP 409w, NP 425w, Avg HR 170, Max HR 183
#2 - 2:12, AP 421w, NP 431w, Avg HR 171, Max HR 185
#3 - 2:11, AP 416w, NP 432w, Avg HR 173, Max HR 186
#4 - 2:12, AP 422w, NP 432w, Avg HR 173, Max HR 185
#5 - 2:13, AP 416w, NP 426w, Avg HR 172, Max HR 188 - Starting to crack :)
#6 - 2:16, AP 397w, NP 407w, Avg HR 171, Max HR 185 - Cracked about 2/3 the way up :)

All in all I am VERY happy, considering last year I made 1 repeat of 400w and the time was 2:20 from white mail box to telephone wires across from radio tower..this year much different story. About 85* for the ride.

Evening run after looong nap. 55min and 11 km at the clay trail...EEEASY as it goes.

Ok, time for bed!



Jimmy Hinton said…
Congrats, B. Sounds like you had a killer day.

Are you going with yellow or red on the new ride?
Blake Becker said…
Going to be red!

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