Feb 13

Tuesday Feb 13

I have decided to pass the time with renting movies for the next few nights. So far I have rented Crank, a real "outside the box" way of thinking when it comes to movies. Tonight I am watching flags of our Fathers, I am only halfway so I will write my review when i have finished it.

On the training front today, I got sweet revenge for my botched track workout last week. I moved my vo2 intervals into the hills and used Skyline Dr. (a 400-500m hill that is STEEP..almost too steep, but it worked well). Total run was 13km in 1:09. 20min wu into 7x1:45 repeats up the hill with walk down recovery) walking down was actually hard b/c of the grade. Max HR on the repeats follow: 181,183,184,186,187,187,189), then easy home. Felt good.

Swim directly after the run with 3400m in 1:04, 1300 mixed warm-up into 80x25 on :25 1h/1e as the pattern. The hard is an all out sprint with focus on power and form and then the next 25 is used to recover. I swam 60 and used pads for 20. I will eventually work toward the entire set hard with pads :)

Afternoon ride of 2:19 and 69km, steady ride...mostly flat. Felt suprisingly good...nap might have helped.


Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, I will be spending the day with......................my bike. Are you suprised :)


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