Friday, January 12, 2007

Buzzing Into The New Year!

Buzzing Into The New Year!
January 12, 2007

I hope that everyone had a great holiday season and that everyone is doing well only two weeks into the New Year! I can’t believe that it is time to start ramping things up for 2007. I took a good 4 weeks of down time after IMFL and didn’t do much related to triathlon, this was the first time that I have taken that kind of a mental/physical break in almost 3 years! All I have to say is that after that month off, you are hungry to jump back into things.

What’s with the ticking sound you ask????

I’ll tell you what the ticking sound is; I have joined the 2007 Timex Team as a professional and I couldn’t be more excited. I have missed the team atmosphere in the past and the support that comes along with it (except for some great training partners). Well, no more. Thanks to Timex, I will join up with some of the best triathletes in the sport and train on the best equipment out there. Check out their site at

Who else am I with for the season? You could look at the logos above, but it is more exciting to tell you. I will be back in Madison for the 2007 season and have teamed up with The Trek Bicycle Store ( In return for their support, I will holding monthly clinics, leading group rides and will be a consultant to anyone that needs triathlon related help. The staff is friendly and their store represents something that I would like to be apart of into the future.

Blue Seventy Wetsuits ( have been great this winter in supporting my clinics and as things will work out, I will stay with them into the future. I am very excited for this since they have the only wetsuits that fit me correctly. In addition to their wetsuits, their goggles last forever and can be used in both the pool and the open water. Check ‘em out….

What is the plan?

I have been working 50+ hours per week at a local restaurant and training about 20 hours per week in addition to my seminars and coach…this makes for a pretty busy schedule. The plan is to continue working full-time to the end of January before I head back down to Clermont, FL for 8 weeks before Ironman Arizona. After IMAZ, I will move back to my hometown of Madison for the year.

As of right now I will race Ironman Arizona on April 15, after a short break I will race a few long distance races as well as 70.3 races, before Ironman Wisconsin and either Hawaii or Ironman Florida again in the fall. Stay tuned for a more detailed race schedule!

I hope that everyone has a great first month of the year and I will check in again soon. You can also stay updated on my training and racing by going to and clicking on Blogs in the left-hand column.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Training Update

Photo From my recent triathlon seminar series ->

I am now entering into my 7th year racing triathlons and this will be my first full season racing as an elite. The past year was a big learning experience, as I mentioned in my last blog. I trained in new places and though I was focused on training and racing, I was also focused on some of the new places and people that I was meeting. THIS_YEAR_IS_DIFFERENT.

I am focused, driven and motivated to get to that next level that I know is right around the corner. The fire seems to be burning brighter this year. Though my training volume may seem low, everything that I am doing is focused on building leg/hip flexor strength. I am about halfway through a thorough strength program that is paying off huge. I have weekly iso-leg trainer rides, hill work and plyometric sessions.

I will continue this through the end of Jan and then start with solid volume (30+ hrs) for about 6 weeks before completing an aerobic over load block before IMAZ.

I will post an announcement soon on my new 2007 sponsors, as well as my race schedule. As of now, my IM's will be IMAZ, IMWI and either Kona or IMFL.

I hope 2007 is off to a great start for everyone.

Here is another hint as to who I may be hooking up with for 2007 (The pic is from the recent triathlon seminar series that I held in Madison, WI...check out the logo on the hats) A special thanks to Trek Bikes, Fleet Feet Madison, Timex and Blue Seventy for donations and support!