Training Feb 4 & 5

Sunday Feb 4

Morning Run of 2:22 and 33km...16km at IM effort then 3k easy, then into 5x4min at LT hill repeats with jog down. Build for last 4km home, cd Tough run, though cool outside.

Noon nap and then easy pm swim. 40min and 2100 yds

Then the Super Bowl..2 glasses of wine and I was ready for a nap. I did like the Prince Halftime show, even though I am not a huge fan. From a entertainment standpoint it was great and he is a talent...I think he can play any instrument???? WOW.

Monday Feb 5

Morning swim of 1:44 and 6300 yds. 800s/800pads/8x100 mod, 600s/600pads/6x100 mod, 400s/400pds/4x100 mod, 200s/200pads,2x100 mod. The kick and cd

Weights after swim. SM session of 1:30. Squats were 20@ 135, 16 @ 160, 12 @ 205 One legged squats followed(getting easier) good stretching and core work.

Afternoon spin of 1:40 at 45km past the swiss ski school. Felt tired in the head(from swimming) but body felt fine.

Made some homemade turkey chili to feed me for the next two days. One of my favorites to make! I love to cook, so if I get the chance, I will and post about it here.

Helped a local high school team get fit for track shoes in the evening with Kevin and Kimberly Grogan (Timex teamates and friends of mine that live down here) Working with kids is always fun.

Someone once told me that I am 25 going on 36...could this be tru????? Heeeeck no, but sometimes I scare myself into thinking so.

More to come soon.....


free0677 said…
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luke_witkowski said…

Turkey Chili sounds good right about now since temps in WI are below zero. Email the recipe, I'd like to make it for Laura and me.

Keep loggin' them training hours!


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