Racing... Getting Back Up To Speed

It's time for a racing update since I haven't posted in a few months.

This season definitely hasn't gone 100% to plan, but I am building and getting back to closer to where I want to be. So things are looking up!

Here's the rundown:

I am managing my work/coaching load pretty well. BBMC is more than I could have hoped for! The balance is something that can be hard for Professional Athletes who also coach or have another full-time job. The best advice I have to others is to take everything as it comes and don't get bent out of shape because you can't train/recover like some of the guys and gals who have unlimited hours. There is no rule that says you have to do "A" to get "B" results. We are all different and thrive on different balances within our own lives. Figure out what works best for you and run with it!

Physically I have broken down a bit this year with plantar fasciitis in my left foot. It's something that I haven't had to deal with in the last 16 years of racing, but I've been told there is a first time for everything. Dry needling from Dave Nissenbaum at Sport & Spine has proven the most effective, along with a change in shoes from my 5oz flats to a more cushioned 8+ ounce shoe. I also have tried lots of ice bottle rolling, a boot, golf ball rolling, cream, compression, massage and some strengthening work. Over the last 7+ weeks I have slowly started to come around so fingers are crossed that things continue to get better over the next 2 weeks.

That will put me at my second 70.3 of the season in Chattanooga with around 30 BBMC athletes! Last month I raced New Orleans 70.3 and had a less than great event mostly due to a lot of foot pain. So this time around I would like to not only go better than I did at this race last year (8th), but I would also like a pain free event. A big shout out to Maureen for getting the ball rolling on registration for the team on this one!

One of the highlights from the day in New Orleans was my 2:08 bike split.
So that's the update for now. A month after Chattanooga I will race local olympic and half iron distance events at Elkhart Lake and Milkman. After these races I'll probably take a week off and plan the rest of the season.

As always, thanks for reading!


Hey Blake: Good to read your account & catch up on part of your life. Sorry to hear about the fasciitis. Blech. Been there. Tried any ultrasound? REALLY frustrating condition. Going up in shoe-support will work. Also 1st step of many in adjusting to aging. Been there, too. Still am, in fact. So, take your own advice & have fun in TN! cheers...jb

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