Turning To 2016

After a late season injury in September and the first part of October, I have decided to turn my focus to preparing for 2016.

I had a glute and low back issue for a number of weeks, including during my race out at Silverman 70.3. It completely hampered my ability to swim and ride hard, though didn't seem to cause issue with my run.

While I am now past the problem that was caused by worn cleats on my bike shoes, I don't feel that I have enough to time to properly prepare to be competitive at Ironman Arizona.

This season was a bit of a roller coaster, but as I always say, "no training is ever wasted."

Next year is going to see some changes in my approach, number of races, as well as a few things throughout the season that I am hoping will help me take my results up to that next level.

Stay tuned for my plans soon...


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