If you want to improve, shut out the noise. This was Brett Sutton's most important messages to his athletes. As great as social media is - as great as all the different articles are - most of the time they will take away from the belief in what you are doing and therefore your results will be compromised. I see it a lot amongst athletes who don't surround themselves with others/things that support their journey.

Some things to help you:

- Be selective about who you follow on social media. Personally I don't follow very many outside of family, friends and athletes I train with or coach. This keeps me focused, motivated and engaged.

- Surround yourself with individuals who support your path and who don't pull you away from it.

- Write out your goals/objectives and post them somewhere. Preferably a place where you can see them often. BE CLEAR.

- Pay attention to things that add to your performance, as well as things that take away from it.

- There has been a massive influx of articles, technology and data in the last few years. However, take a look at the results out there and you will find that they haven't improved THAT much. This bodes the question, what is important when it comes to improvement? Perhaps it's more about what the individual needs and less about 60sec versus 75sec rest, a VI of 1.01 or 1.03 or the latest shoe or bearings that have been released.

- Take care of the details... eat, sleep and focus on making choices that enhance your recovery.

- Mind over matter. Remember that the mind gives out before the body. It's a protective mechanism that's built in. We will convince ourselves we can't go any longer, when the reality is we have much more in us. Remember this next time you start to think about taking your foot off the accelerator.

- Acceptance. Remember that you will have workouts, days and weeks where you aren't at your best. Expect and accept this. Don't get frustrated, take care of the details and know the body will come around.


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