Attention Ironman Athletes


This is the time of the year when you start to see that others are riding 947 miles on saturday and sunday, as well as running 650 miles on monday after swimming 6 miles.

OK, well that was inflated, dramatic and likely untrue, but it will work for this blog.

My point is that everywhere you look, IM FB page, friends, lane partners, riding buddies, etc. you will probably hear someone brag about the training they did over the past day, weekend, month, etc. People love to do epic things and then tell you about it. This is likely because they are proud of what they have done and sometimes to seek affirmation from others that what they are doing is either more than everyone else, or impressive to everyone else.

Despite the insecurity you may feel when you hear someone say when they have done xyz, you need to let those words go in one ear and out the other. Remember that you have your plan and your that plan was created with your best race in mind. What other athletes do has no bearing on your race, your fitness and your training.

My best advice. When you are training, don't pay attention to it; unfollow those who simply post numbers, workouts and their training logs. Don't visit FB pages for races, don't visit forums and if you feel insecure about what you are doing, consult your coach.

Lastly, unless this is your first Ironman, remember that it's not always about MORE. The distance is not  your limiter any more. If you push the distance and time further than you can recover from when you also have pretty hard interval sessions within your week, you may just fall into the category headed by my favorite quote:

"Train slow and you will race slow."

There is a place for slower workouts, but remember that your body does what you train it to do.

Remember: Believe in your plan, your coach and your approach.


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