2013 CEC Pro Camp Day 9

Today, as you may have gathered through social media, it was not very "Tucson-y."

However, the training was.

Swim - 5km


800 choice

2x50kick, fast between the flags on :60
100 easy swim on 1:45

4x through on 2:45
25 build
25 easy
50 build
100 easy 


Graduated to Laurel Wassner and Lauren Goss' lane. Just happy to be swimming with the front group.

12x100 HIM pace on 1:15 (1:05-1:08)

400 easy

8x100 on 1:15 (1:05-1:08, then cracked a bit in the last few)

Longer easy cd

Run - 1:55 - 25km

Pretty good run around Reid Park today. This is a flat 2.85mile loop. 

1 loop plus pick-ups and functional work.

Mainset as follows each on 21minutes with some active recovery between.
1 loop HIM pace (5:45's)
1 loop a bit faster than HIM pace (5:30's)
1 loop HIM pace (5:45's)

1 loop 

Here is the fun in the form of a file for you. Thanks to Cliff English for being out there in full support mode!

Back at it with a long ride on tap for tomorrow.  I hope this amazing weather we're having, breaks!


Summer said…
Congrats on being able to swim with the big girls! Those ladies are FAST! And I seem to remember you saying you would be bringing spring with you on your return to Madison... so hurry back :)

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