2013 CEC Pro Camp Day 7 & 8.

Day 7 - Leg's off!!

Today was a great day off the legs, which were definitely thankful. We did get a good 5k swim, which I followed with some quality time at the coffee shop; first for breakfast with friends and then for some plans and a little wasting time.

Today's swim:

5x400 mixed :15

- 200 on 2:35


- 200 on 2:50

Easy longer cd after.

Day 8 - Back at it.

Strength swim 4.5k

600 swim
500 k/swim
400 d/swim

6x50 band on 50 (:33-36)
2x300 pull with pads on 3:45 (3:20/3:17/3:16/3:18)
300 moderate on 4:00

Easy longer cd after.

3.5hr ride up Mount Lemmon.  It's a great climb that lasts about 25miles (the real climb is only 20.5).  You start at 2810' above sea-level and climb all the way up to 8420. Not bad.  The legs were pretty worked from the get go and I almost got dropped at mile 3 of the climb.  Luckily a few power gels  and some refocusing words from Cliff, I got back up with the lead bunch.  The wind was howling today ahead of a big storm.....I was tired and just tried to stay on as long as I could...the legs were says no, but I just kept saying "1 more mile"..."1 more mile."  Eventually I couldn't cover JD and Chris Bagg any more. Both of them were riding very well and I said my goodbyes at mile 18.5 and just conserved while trying to not get blown off the road.

Here is the power file from the climb, not impressive by far, but that's not what it's about...it's about putting in hard work day in and day out and knowing that you will have good ones and not so good ones... You just keep on rolling!

Now just an easy 30' jog before dinner if I can muster up the mojo, then back at it tomorrow!


Thomas Gerlach said…
No worries, you can't hit home runs everyday. Keep up the good work.


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