2013 CEC Pro Camp Day 3

Happy Valentine's Day...

Today was a bike/run/nap day for me.  The legs continued to feel pretty good and the new large Speed Concept is performing well.  For the past two seasons I have been on a medium frame and have had some terrible handling issues, mostly while descending over 35mph.  I would get a speed wobble that was uncontrollable.  In the short time I have been on the large, I have had it 40-50mph on a few pretty technical roads and have had zero issues. Good to know and to remember for both myself and athletes I work with.

Back to the day.  Cliff has been fantastic this week and we are all having a great time...from what I can tell.  Everyone has a different focus, background, goals and it makes for a great environment.

Today's set was done out on Sandario Road.  It's a flat road that's about 12 miles long.  Total ride time was 3.5hrs, about 68 miles or so.  Mainset was 30/20/10.  30min at 320, 20minutes at 330 and 10minutes at 340w. All were done on 10minutes recovery.  Warm-up and cd was pretty chill over Gates Pass.

Off the bike was a short run on the track with a few efforts at IM and HIM effort (1:31, 1:25) Nothing long, nothing fast, just getting the legs to feel good.

After training was done, I failed on my mission for Jamba Juice, so went back home, did my recovery thing and hit a massive nap.  After a nice chill evening (minus the Badger loss), I'm ready for a legs off day tomorrow. The plan is for a bigger 5k+ swim and then some quality coffee shop time; partly to work on coaching plans, partly to make sure that the world isn't ending with my athletes and partly to talk some $#*! with a few friends.

Have a great Friday, everyone!


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