Thoughts on Ironman Wisconsin 2012

This will be the 11th year that I have toed the line at Ironman Wisconsin.  Every year I put together my thoughts on how I believe the front of the race will play out, so here they are for 2012!


The 1 loop swim will be great for the PRO field and the back third of the Age Group field. It will be much easier to find and stay on feet, without having to navigating through a thousand other slower swimmers.  Those swimmers also won't have to deal with faster swimmers going over the top of them.

The new bike course adds 5-6 short steep hills on each loop and a longer climb coming back into town.  While the new course SHOULD be closer to 112mi (last year was 114.5), it will be just as challenging. Throw in some weather variables and you better know where to distribute your energy.

The run. Well it's a treadmill in my basement, packed with everyone I have ever known here in Madison; those involved in the sport, friends from the past, as well as family to provide support that only I have here in Madison.


There is a good field coming in.  Guys who have won, top 10 in Kona, guys who can run, guys who have lots of experience and guys who are very young.  While there can sometimes be multiple reasons to come to a race, there is clearly one goal on everyone's mind. It's definitely not about the money, it's not about the points for Kona, it's not about finishing... Everyone wants to WIN.


The best line around is that "the work is done."  If I race my race and take care of myself and you cannot swim my pace, ride my watts, before running my pace, it doesn't matter. If you can, then it will come down to who wants it more. If you can do more, then hats off to you and there is nothing that I can do.

The thing you realize after racing....25ish Ironman Races, is that you can only do what you have done in training. The taper doesn't allow you to do things you haven't done, it just rests you to ensure you can put the swim, bike and run you have done, together on one day.

If I had to speculate, I would say that there will be some guys riding VERY hard on the day. The question they will try to answer in their favor; "Will they be able to ride hard enough and gain a large enough lead, so that the 2:50 and faster runners won't catch them?" My answer: we'll have to wait until this Sunday to find out.  If I look at the course, the competition, the forecast (as of now) and fitness levels, I am confident in my strategy, no matter who turns out to race.


Things are right where I want to be for this race, if not a little further ahead. This year it's all about giving it everything I have, during every moment of the race.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone out there and especially all the BBMC athletes. There will be some first time finishes and a few people hopefully heading to Kona... it's going to be a great day. Thanks to everyone who has support both myself and the team over the past 12 years.


Will said…
Last year you were a couple minor details away from the podium in this race. I saw you at Racine and you looked really good there too (beating Crowie which just shows what a thin thread you're all walking between too hard and just right). Good luck tomorrow and I think this is the race where you put it all together and have the race and result you really want.. If not, keep plugging because you are right there!!! Good luck!

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