Ramping It Up & The Season Ahead

The last month has been productive on the training front.  I have put in 2 solid blocks of training that turned out to be just over 20hrs per week.  When training exclusively indoors, this is plenty of volume.  As a result, I am seeing some solid fitness progression across the board.

The next month will bring more of the same, except with a change in venue.  I am headed down to Tucson, AZ for 2 weeks to work with my coach, Cliff English, at his annual CEC Pro Camp. I am looking forward to the weeks ahead and just hoping to survive what will be a substantial increase in volume.  Stay tuned to this blog, I am planning on posting daily updates.

On the race schedule side of things, I have planned out most of the coming season.  The fun begins shortly, check it out!

- March 18th - Puerto Rico 70.3

- April 1st - Texas 70.3 (U.S. Pro Champs)

- May 19th - Ironman Texas

- June 24th - TBA

- July 15th - Racine 70.3

- August 12th - Rev3 Half Ironman

- September 9th - Ironman Wisconsin

The rest of the season is TBD...

Have a great weekend, more to come soon!


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