Day 7 - "Coming To Play"

"Coming To Play" were Cliff's words on deck this morning.  Needless to say that I am feeling rested and back into a groove.  The 8 days before I left for camp seemed to really take a toll on my body, one that took almost a week to come out of...take away for everyone is to listen to your body and be patient.  It doesn't forget to do what you have taught it, it just needs to be listened to in order to bring it out again.

Today's swim was a good one with some generous rest from Cliff.  I was back where I am most comfortable, leading the lane.

5350 yards today:

800 easy choice
400 as 25drill/75swim

3x200 as 50build/50easy/25sprint/75 easy on 2:45
100 easy

400 on 5:20 (in 4:45 +/-)
300 on 4:00 (in 3:30-35)
200 on 2:40 (in 2:15-20)
100 on 1:20 (in 1:05-07)
50 easy + :20

300 Easy

This afternoon calls for some coaching and strength work, an easy spin with JD, perhaps some time spent next to the pool and a nap.  6 BIG days to come...

Happy Monday everyone.


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