Day 2 - Back At It

Today was a solid day for sure and though I am still not firing on all cylinders, I am on my way.

We started out with a tough 5k swim at 8am.  The main set was 3k of hard swimming on a 1:20 and 1:15 base.  Essentially we swam 6 rounds of 200,150,100, 50.  It was a very fast 3k.

Highlight Of The Day: After swim, I got home, was standing in the kitchen with my roommate (stud mountain biker, Sam Schultz) and watched a hawk swoop in and attack our resident morning dove that lives on the porch.  The hawk knocked it out of the nest, onto the ground, then picked it up and flew with it into the door, they fell to the ground before the hawk finally won the battle and flew off with our animal alarm clock.

Next session of the day was a 90min run with a main set of 3x ~3miles.  I did NOT feel great for this session, but got it done.  I have been running well up to camp, so looking forward to feeling better next week.

I finished the day off with a nice 90min ride with buddy Justin, before getting back just in time for dinner....again, nothing exciting today with left overs from last night (fajita's). There has been a lot of talk around the house on conclusion is that no matter what philosophy I subscribe to, i don't think I could ever give up dark chocolate, which i am quickly finding that I am addicted to.

Tomorrow is long ride day #1 with a solid 100+ miles on the schedule to start at 8am!!

More to come...


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