4 Sleeps To Go

We are now sitting on Wednesday of Ironman Wisconsin race week and it seems as though the days have flown by. Today marks the end of most of my pre-ironman obligations.  Between training, resting, coaching, speaking and consulting with my athletes, I have had a fairly packed schedule over the last 2 weeks.

I have trained the mind and body hard over the last 7 weeks and have prepared to suffer on Sunday better than anyone else out there. In the beginning my body resisted, then the mind protested in many different ways, but FINALLY they both gave in and got on board with the program.

I usually find that when I train hard up until 14 days out from a race, there is a period of time within the first week of taper, when I feel very tired and sluggish.  No matter how many times I go through this, I always wonder if I am going to come out of it.  The good news is that I usually do and this race has been no exception.  After 5 days of dragging my tired body around last week, I find myself jumping out of my skin this week.

My fitness is at the best level of the year.  I swam a bit more to prepare for the possibility of a non-wetsuit swim (which now looks like it won't be the case). I have boosted my threshold by around ~10w and lost 4kg's since the middle of July.  I have also laid down 11 rides over 160km in that time period to really dial in and re-enforce what I will be laying down on sunday. I have also kept up my run training, which has been very solid all year.

This time around I have also prepared in a way that most do not.  I sought out the coaching of Bobby McGee to help me prepare my mind. He has helped me discover how to focus it when needed and how to pull it back when I don't.  This time, I am confident in not only the physical and nutritional aspects of ironman racing, but am now confident in my mental plan for the race. To be successful, you need all three. A different perspective, a different approach, a different frame of mind, they all equal a more complete athlete.

Regardless of race conditions, the competition, placing, average watts, bike time, etc...what I will be doing out there will remain the same. That "what" is what will yield my best result on the day and THAT is all I am looking for.

Good luck to all of you racing this weekend! Focus on what you are doing out there and believe in yourself.  You can't do anything about the injuries, sickness or missed workouts that you may have faced, put that energy into having the best race you can and ENJOY being out there!


If you are in the Madison area next week(end), we are having an end of season bash at Trek Store Madison West on Friday, September 17th from 6-9pm.  You can come here about the race, enjoy food and drink, in addition you will have the opportunity to win some pretty great swag! Check out Trek's Calendar here.

Have a great week everyone! I am glad to help if you need anything before Sunday, just drop me a note.




NursAdrn said…
Good luck to you. We will be out on the course cheering you on!
JWait said…
Hope the day goes well for you. After Getting dropped by you in the dairy land dare I am sure you will do fine. I will be watching race updates on you and Will Smith from my computer here in Omaha, Ne.

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