Rolling Into 2010

The site is finally up and running! Though a few of the pictures and logo's will be changed, what you currently see is most likely how it will stay! Feel free to post your feedback!

On the coaching side of things, I am finally an LLC. The official title is Blake Becker Multisport Coaching LLC, until I can think of a better name for the company. Minor details ;) All of my athletes are getting back into the groove and many of them are taking advantage of all this snow to avoid long tedious hours on the trainer. This helps them avoid the feeling of being burned out after so many weeks where it is cold and dark outside.

I have 5 slots left for athletes in 2010, which will most likely start to fill up in the next month as people think about their seasons. Contact me at if you are interested or would like more information.

Speaking of planning, this is the time to map out your races, rides and events for the coming year. Map everything out and come out of the winter with a plan off attack. This will keep you motivated, excited and ready to race when that ice melts.

On the racing side of things, everything is tentatively set with my 3 Ironmans on the calendar. I will race Ironman Coeur d'Alene in June, Ironman Wisconsin in September and then Kona in October. Outside of these big events you can expect to see me at nearly all of the local events, I have found that a lot of racing is good for me early in the year.

That is about it for now, but I also want to mention a few talks and events I will be attending or giving in the coming weeks.

- January 22nd on how to integrate power into your training. It will take place at the Trek Bicycle Store West at 630pm.

- January 29th I will speak on how to read and interpret that power data. This is also going to be at the TBSW location and will start at 630pm.

- February 1st I am giving a seminar on how to integrate winter sports into your triathlon training. 630pm at Trek Bicycle Store West.

- February 11th 6:30 Get a sneak peek at the new Trek Speed Concept TT Bike at the Trek Bicycle Store EAST location!

**If you are interested in purchasing a powertap, I will have 20% off coupons that I will be distributing at both of my Power Training talks in the coming weeks.

It's almost February, keep it rolling!!



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