I will be posting a race report on my day at Ironman Wisconsin, but first I wanted to post a big shout out to all of you who had great races on Sunday. Chris and Justin on their 5th and 6th places, Becky on her 21minute PR, David Olive on his finish, Will on sticking it out to the finish, the other local and Timex athletes, in addition to all of my athletes who all had great days! Congrat's!!

Colin G - 11:08 - PR
Randy Y - 11:49 - PR
Scott S - 11:55 - PR
Jim G - 12:13 PR
Lauren W - 12:36 PR
Jon B - 12:59 PR
Roz C - 13:38 *With The Flu
Julie H - 15:27 PR
Matt H - 15:27 PR

Hope everyone is recovering well...enjoy it!



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