Spirit Of Racine Race Report

If there is one thing that I have realized this year, it's that I race best when I don't think about much of anything race related. I have done this long enough, that I know what i need to do. I just take the fitness I have and use it. The rest takes care of itself.

The 2009 Spirit of Racine Half Ironman was no exception. I registered the day before and then stayed with my mom and grandma, about an hour away in Milwaukee. I got grandma's cooking the night before, including way too many mashed potato's!! Well what else am I suppose to do when she shoves the pan in your face and says; "Here, you finish these up. You need them and no one else will eat them!" Then came the apple/walnut bake....I was fueled, there was no doubt about that ;)

Race morning, I followed my pattern of not over thinking. I rolled into transition 10 minutes before it closed. Dropped my stuff, got body marked, hit a pit stop and headed up the beach for the point to point swim start. Worked well for my warm-up. 1/2 mile fast walk, then 1/2 mile swim to warm-up.

Swim went well, we had a nice current to push us, which made the times very quick. I was 4th out, but in the front group. Then had a quick transition and was onto the bike in first. Legs were there from the start and I targeted my goal wattage of 310-320. Then came the pot-hole. WHAM! seat dropped 3" and I looked (and felt) like I was in the circus. I originally thought I could ride like this, but then my back started to hurt and hamstring started to yell.

I spent the next 30minutes trying to get the attention of the lead vehicle and motorcycle. Eventually, I was able to get some tools, about 45minutes later. A big thank you to the officer on the motorcycle. I stopped and fixed it and was back on, riding well.

Ride was uneventful, until i again hit a pothole with a few miles to go and the seat fell again! I sure hope the roads get paved next year!!

I started the run with 233 on the clock and knew that I all had to do was run steady and i would be well within my goal of going sub 4. In short, I ran 10 miles at IM pace and then ran hard the last 3 miles...i find this is a good measure of my run strength. Splits for these were 5:45, 5:49, 5:46, so all points to being on the right track for IM in about 7 weeks!

I crossed in 3:54:04 and got my 3rd win of the season. I will now start IM preps for IMWI in September!

Thank you to Timex, Trek, KSwiss, friends, family and all of my other supporters out there.

Results can be found over at www.spiritofracinetri.com


Wow! Congratulations on your win! My hubby & I have done that event a few times, always rough roads & RR crossings. Well done!
Libby said…
congrats on your win blake! looks like you are headed for a stong IM wisconsin! I'm planning on doing IM WI in 2010 so you'll have to give me all the dirt :)
Jeff Paul said…
Congratulations on a great race. I found your website after the race and have enjoyed reading your inspiring posts. Keep up the great work and I'll be following! Your bike average was unreal especially considering the problems with the seat post. I enjoyed getting to meet you! Thanks!
Jeff Paul

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