Racing, racing and more racing

If I showed you my training log over the last month, you wouldnt think that I have been doing much, or that my fitness would be building. But if you saw my racing log, it would be a different story. It feels like I have raced almost the same number of hours as I have trained. This is a big change from past years for me, but so far this is just what I've needed! I'm lovin' it!!

Racing locally has turned out to be quite fun. Along with all of the support from friends,family and local sponsors, I also have found another pro athlete (Will Smith) to race head to head with on most days. Will is a very talented Kiwi athlete in addition to being a very nice guy. So far I am 0 for 2 against him, but we have had some good battles.

- Madison Quarter Marathon - 1st overall (course record)

- Susan G Komen 5k - 5th overall (new 2mi PR of 9:58)

- Lake Mills Sprint Triathlon - 2nd overall (bike course record)

- 2 Local 10mile time trials, 2nd at both events setting a new CP20 wattage (384w)

- Elkhart Lake Triathlon - 1st overall (Bike and overall course record set by 6min)

- Capital View Triathlon - 2nd overall (Set bike and run course records, both Will and I set overall course records)

I actually raced 2 olympic distance races this last weekend and had better numbers and race on Sunday, the second of the two races.

I am going to take a few days easy and keep it rolling with either an aquathon or time trial on thursday and then olympic distance triathlon on Sunday. I will then likely switch to more Ironman focused training and race a little bit less in July and August.

One more quick note about racing your way to fitness. It is sometimes helpful to do it with a VERY flexible schedule, this allows you to take recovery as you need and hit sessions when your body (not some chart) says you can. Performance Management Charts can be very good sometimes, but I find that many times athletes do better with a flexible training schedule.

I'll post another update soon! Thank you to all the local sponsors and race directors who have helped me out this spring. I really appreciate it!!



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