Gone Down Under....

Hey Everyone,

It has been a while since I have updated and a lot has happened. I will try to catch you up.

Subic Bay, Philippines training is done and the experience has been one of the best that I have had. Both in and out of sport.

In sport, Brett Sutton showed me a perspective that I couldn't have gotten from anywhere else but from him. He has taught me what really matters to be successful...all I will say is most don't get it. I will be a different athlete because of it. Thank you Sutto.

Out of sport, living in a 3rd world country is very eye opening. Most of the 1st world has no idea how the rest live. While we all got use to living in the Philippines, we all gained a huge appreciation for what we have.


I am now down in Albury, NSW Australia. A smaller town 3hrs northeast of Melbourne. I am here training for the next few months with my good friends Chris, Marilyn and Justin. I arrived with Marilyn, while Chris and Justin will come in next week.

The training here is perfect, with no distractions. There are great roads to ride on, lots of run trails, and 5 swimming complex's!!!! Yes, I did say 5. Each one has an outdoor 50m and 25m pool.

I will be able to update a little more regularly, now that I am here. So stay tuned....



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