1 Week....

One week left before I will be racing for the first time at the Ironman World Championships as a professional. I raced as an age grouper in 2004, but haven't been back since.

The training has been rolling along, despite tweaking my knee when getting out of my van the other day. I think that a tight IT band is to blame. So far, it hasn't caused any issues on the training front.

I have a great mindset going into this race with zero pressure. I am racing against the best in the world and am hoping that it will bring out the best in me.

I will check in again before the race, but right now it is 30*F outside and I am trying to get my head around the fact that it will be 3x that when I toe the line in a week. Awesome!




Nemo said…
Good Luck in Kona Blake!

Adam Brown said…
Give it your best shot out there...race your race. Going out with Norman and Macca will have your adrenaline pumping I am sure. Good luck man

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