Half Way....

I am now halfway through my 24 days and things are rolling...

Sunday and Monday included solid swimming and running, along with over 200 miles of riding, then today's key session was a VERY steady 2hr30min run at race pace.

As I am "backing up" my training, day in and day out, things seem to be getting easier. I am not getting broken way down, infact my body is accepting the work and growing stronger and more fit, this is indicated by rising power numbers on long rides and faster paces in the water and on the run.

Yes, there are many hours of the day when I simply stare at the ceiling because that is the only thing I have energy for. Infact, I haven't shaved for over a week and I needed to buzz my head about 2 weeks ago, but then again what do I need to shave for??? I don't see any women ever right now. Plus, I will have plenty of time during the taper. All of my time outside of training needs to be used to conserve energy and recover.


Anonymous said…
I am impressed at what you do to maintain the level of workouts as a pro. It simply amazes me what the body can do and how we can push it to its limits.

Glad to hear it is all coming together for you. I think we are staring at the ceiling a lot lately as well, it is either that or watching Phelps swim. We are both pretty tired from the training as well.

Funny you say you haven't shaved in over a week, and you are a guy, I am a female and there are times when I don't shave my legs for over a week - takes too much work and energy.

Maybe that is a new business idea...shaving parties :) Now that would be interesting.

Great job in putting in all the training hours...you are going to rock the IM WI course.
Blake Becker said…
Hey guys,

I was finally able to muster up the energy to buzz the head and shave the face today, MUUUUUCH BETER....I usually keep up on the leg shaving for safety reasons. I had a nasty fall a few years ago and shaving literally saved me a lot of skin(and infections).

I think women's/girl's swim teams have had shaving parties since the beginning of time....that being said, any time that the women's olymipic team wants to invite me to one of their parties, count me in ;)
Anonymous said…
Neither of us have crashed (yet), but I am sure having the legs shaved saves you from picking out rocks/pebbles/dirt from the scrapes. Good reminder to keep the legs clean.

I do remember the days of growing out the hair during swim season and then shaving for sectionals/state. And we did have the shaving parties back then...buying multi packs of razors and shaving cream to take off the 3 months of hair that you grew out that season.

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