Going Well...

Just a quick update to let everyone know that things are rolling along really well. The last 3 weeks totaled about 90hrs, with some very solid sessions. I am now easing off for a few days, before hitting it again.

This last training block has really put a new perspective on training to me. I am now working toward my 3rd of 4 or 5 Ironman races this year and I am loving the training more than ever. My job is to just be out there working hard each day...every_single_week. Some days are good and some days hurt a lot, but that is life as an athlete.

In the end I believe that this is what gets you to the top. Consistently being consistent, day after day, month after month and year after year. For ohhhhh, about 10 or 12 years. ;)


Oh, a few weeks ago i posted something about news regarding a passport/visa. Well, I will be going to Australia to train from November 24th to March 17th with my friends Chris and Marylin. I trained with them in 2006 and am really looking forward to getting back out training with them. They probably know me and my attitude toward training as good as anyone!

I will post my purposed race schedule for my time over there soon, but it is looking like Ironman Western Australia will be race #1 on December 8th.

Train Hard,



MarkyV said…
when does your ass get here?
Blake Becker said…
After IMWI...everyone will be a little more relaxed around that time!
Sue said…
Cooooool...Keep us posted please... Sounds like your training is going good...

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