Back Rolling Again...

After a week almost completely off(4k of swimming), I am back rolling again. The body and mind feel great and I am very motivated to have my breakthrough race in my hometown. This week consisted of a little over 22hrs of training, but with no very much intensity. I posted a brief summary below.

Before I get to that though, I have had some time to analyze my race in CDA, go over it with Kurt and gotten input from others.....though some people have trouble understanding why I am disappointed to be the 10th can easily see why by my power file. I again over paced the first half of the bike and paid for it in the last hour of the ride and on the run. I am determined to get this right and when I do, it will all come together.

I am going to post a blog this week about why I think it is tough for me to get Ironman right, as well as why other might have trouble. More coming soon!

Training Week 6/30/08

Swim 3k
Bike 1:30
Run 40min

Tuesday -
Bike 1:50
Run 50min
Strength 30min

Wednesday -
Swim 3.5k
Bike 2:35

Thursday -
Swim 4k
Run 55min

Friday -
Swim 4.5k
Bike 1:50
Strength 20min

Saturday -
Swim 3k
Bike 5:01
Run 20min

Sunday -
Run 1:30

Weekly Total
Swim - 4:30 - 18,076 yds
Bike - 12:40 - 239 miles (TSS 501)
Run - 4:10 - 35.3 miles
Strength - :50


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