The Night Before

Well, everything is done and it is raining outside...I am glad that I covered my bike up and removed the front wheel (the Bontrager wheels have holes around the spokes and can fill up with water). Today I took care of all the usuals and am now just waiting until tomorrow. At least I can follow Ironman Japan which just started.

Very excited for tomorrow. Many people have asked about goals and my only goal is to have a good race. Yes there are 5 Kona slots for the men and yes two of the faster guys have their slots, but that means nothing unless I execute. So I will stay in the moment and be patient.

Thank you to everyone who supports and believes in me. Family and friends have been awesome, as well as my sponsors. Please check out their links over on the side of the blog.

Again, tomorrow the race will be broadcast over on and starts at 6:25am Pacific Time. ~BB


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