It Is Getting Close......

Well, I now have 9 days to Ironman Arizona and I can start to feel that it is getting close!

How do I 'feel' it, you ask??? Let's make a list!! (If you know me, then you know I make a lot of these to cope with my OCD(not really))

1) I am not tired all the time.
2) I can have an actual conversation with someone.
3) I am not cranky.
4) I feel lazy.
5) I am hungry all the time.
6) I don't think I have trained hard enough.

BUT, I know this is how I am suppose to feel.

This year I am confident in what I can do and since Ironman is about 99% mental...or maybe you just have to be 99% mentall ill to do it....I am sure I will do better.

My goals for this race..........

Ha, won't be posting those. However, I will be posting my mission for the rest of the season after this race.

I am bored, so I will probably be posting everyday until the race...maybe 2x a day??

Off to the pool to float around in my wetsuit for a while.



MarkyV said…
oh great... Blake's bored... go have a look at john's blog about what happens when someone prepping for an IM gets a little extra taper energy.

Zach Winchester said…
Ahhhh, taper blues. Good for you brotha. I'm looking forward to following you online, so give me a show, huh? Also, I'm going to solicit you to put a link to my blog on your blog:

Give me a call. Hugs and kisses,


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