Getting Closer....

Well, 5 days to go and the body is really starting to feel strong. I actually don't remember the last time that I rested for almost 3 weeks prior to a race. If racing the half ironman 2 weeks out yields a good ironman result on Sunday, it may be a staple in my schedule.

The heat is still forecast to build to near record highs...they are saying between 95-97* right now. The record is 99*, set in '74...I think. Anyway, this could turn out to be quite an advantage if I am smart.

Here is an example. Let's say that there is an athlete that is in 8:40 ironman shape. Let's also say that there is an athlete that is in 8:20 ironman shape. If the conditions were mild, there is not a very good chance that the 8:40 is going to cross the line first. BUT, if the conditions are bad and the 8:40 guy is smart, things could get interesting.

I am just glad that I have been in the heat for the past 16 weeks.



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