Food Poisoning???

"Oh *&^%$ not now!" That is what I thought as I layed in bed this morning.

Starting yesterday afternoon I have had all the signs of either the flu or food poisoning. The last 24hrs have been spent on the can and this morning I got the rest of the symptoms (if you know what I mean)....all over Chandler Blvd on the way back from the store.

It is about 1:00 right now and I feel much better after a nap. I don't have a fever and have gotten my appettite back, so that is good. I now have 3 days to get well enough to race an ironman in 95* heat.

It is out of my control, so I will do the best that I can and hopefully I will ok to race on Sunday. What's meant to be is meant to be.



good luck Blake! fingers will be crossed for a quick flu/food poisoning recovery and great race. we met at IM Moo a few years ago. I myself got the flu last weekend and have IM China next weekend... will be sending good thoughts while I'm on the plane this weekend.

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