Training Summary of Clermont.

More on the pic below.
I have just finished up my seventh week down here in Clermont and survived my second block of training. These 3 week training cycles are really motivating to me. I have shown improvements each week and have gotten stronger and stronger as time goes by.

I thought I would post some numbers for ya'll, week by week.

Week 1 -
Total Hours: 25:07
Swim: 24,357 yds
Bike: 244 miles
Run: 41 miles

Week 2 -
Total Hours: 27:10
Swim: 25,832 yds
Bike: 262 miles
Run: 49 miles

Week 3 -
Total Hours: 29:38
Swim: 22,205 yds
Bike: 325 miles
Run: 50 miles
Week 4 - Recovery
Total Hours: 21:46
Swim: 20,451 yds
Bike: 211 miles
Run: 38 miles
Week 5 - Tampa Half Marathon
Total Hours: 25:27
Swim: 23,857 yds
Bike: 263 miles
Run: 50 miles

Week 6 -
Total Hours: 31:33 hours
Swim: 28,713 yds
Bike: 340 miles
Run: 41 miles

Week 7 -
Total Hours: 33:05
Swim: 24,961 yds
Bike: 420 miles
Run: 45 miles

Volume is right in the middle for me (beside week 7), but the intensity has been pretty solid. Lots of zone 3 riding, with just enough zone 2 and 4 sprinkled in to have an effect. The best part, I am 100% healthy, knock on wood.


Now what?? I have a very low key unloading week coming up, which will be followed by a 3 week build when I will race Floida's Great Escape. Then I rest for California 70.3 and Ironman Arizona. Time is flying!


So what's with the pic, you ask????
Oh is just a pic of the Cost Rican Rainforest. My bro and I have decided to head there in April for a week after Ironman Arizona. I cannot wait!!!
Hope all else is well with everyone!


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