Pool Progress

For those of you that don't know, this is the pool at the National Training Center, here in Clermont. It is set up short course (like you see here) on M,T,W, and long course on R,F,S,S.
Today I saw another jump in swim times. I had a 1200 mixed warm-up and then started a mainset of 6x400 on 5:20. The idea was to hold back on #1 and #2, open it up a little bit on #3 and #4, then hit #5 and hang on for #6.
Here are the results -
# 1 - 4:54
#2 - 4:48
#3 - 4:47
#4 - 4:44
#5 - 4:41
#6 - 4:43
These times are about 5-8sec faster than I saw about 4 weeks ago. Getting faster, that is all that matters!
I saw the movie "Vantage Point," last night, which was pretty good. I went with a friend (yes I have a few) and we were originally going to see "Fool's Gold." After 5min we realized that it was going to be horrible, so we picked up and dropped into "Vantage Point." Good move!
The best part of this theater....you can buy food and beer/wine and take it into the movie. I suppose you could 'make' even a horrible movie seem ok, if you wanted to. But some of us have to swim in the morning. ;)


MarkyV said…
I went with a friend (yes I have a few)

NO WAY!!!!!!! ;)

Been wondering about going to see that one. You may have just convinced me. :)
MarkyV said…
i updated!

ya happy now! ;)

Tri-Fest this weekend... should be fun.

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