How you know you've been training hard????

I'll tell you how you know....

This week I have had quite a bit of training and am a bit smoked as I sit on the couch writing this blog. This week I will hit well over 30hrs of training, the highlight being 30k in water and about 350miles on the bike.

Anyway, for anyone that has lived with me you know that I tend to eat very healthy. My shopping cart is usually filled with only fruits, veggies, meat, nuts, cottage cheese and yogurt.

This is USUALLY what is in my shopping cart. :)

I was in the checkout line again this week(seems like every day) and looked down in my cart, only to laugh. Here is what I saw. 2 boxes of cereal, 2 bags of rice cakes, 1 container of ice cream, a bag of Pita Bread, a box of mentos and soda.

Most of these things aren't that "bad," but it is funny how our food choices change as the training load goes up!

I am afraid to think what might be in my cart next week!!!

Here's to fueling the engine and keeping our sanity!



Unknown said…
Blake Becker said…
OINK OINK...can't wait till I have you to join me in "the cracking"

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