Buckling Down and Babies

FIRST, congratulations to Graham and Stacy Partain. They are the couple that I have stayed with down here in Clermont for the last 3 years and had their first baby yesterday. Stacy was a bit early (3.5wks), but everything is OK!


This weekend marks 6 weeks out from Ironman Arizona and 4 weeks out from Ironman California 70.3. Things have gone very well so far and I feel that I will be in good shape heading into my early season races.

This week marks the point where I tighten the screws and buckle down before getting to the start line in April. It is nothing too dramatic, just cutting out the treats and late night snacks.

There is big difference between optimal training and racing weight. To train hard and long, you have to be durable, strong and a little heavy. If you try to be your lightest and leanest, the training will crush you.


My recovery this week is going very well and is actually harder than the training for me ;) I have seen another pop in my fitness this week, which is always exciting.

I have 10 days left here, before heading west. I will post another update soon!




jameson said…
quick question... what is the difference in your optimal training and racing weights (pounds-wise)? if you don't mind sharing...
Blake Becker said…
Hey J- No prob. I find that I train best around 160 and race best at 153-155. I have been lighter, but find that I lose too much strength.

I really try not to focus on the scale, just observe. In the last 6weeks I will cut out sugar in pm, alcohol and snacking after dinner. The weight takes care of itself.

In triathlon, the strongest athlete almost always wins.

Hope this helps,

jameson said…
thanks man... I am starting to realize the same thing. I think I raced too light last year. I am a couple pounds heavier right now and feel stronger than ever! Keep up the solid training!

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