...is not illegal EVERYWHERE to smoke with your kids in the car??

People who do this should be arrested, not just fined $100 like in some states. I was coming back from a ride today and a car rolled up next to me at a stop sign. Two kids in the back...younger than 1 and maybe 4, two adults in the front...SMOKING with the windows almost all the way up!

First of all it is Florida and it was 81* today, so why your windows aren't all the way down is beyond me (this car did NOT have air conditioning). Second, if you did smoke with your kids in the car, why wouldn't you have your windows all the way down.

This is not the first time I have seen this. This winter in Wisconsin I saw a woman smoking with the windows all the way up with her child in the back seat.

Stay with me here, I am almost done on my pedestal, but why isn't this illegal in all states? The kids have NO say in what is going on and even if they did, THEY ARE KIDS!

Better solution, to make smoking illegal. Here is an idea:

In Wisconsin this this year, they increased the cigarette tax $1 per pack ($10 per carton) and are offering free help if you would like to stop smoking. What a great idea! Now let's raise the price again. The goal is not to make money, but to make smoking soo expensive, everyone is forced to quit or go broke. Maybe I will write my senator/governor.


Training today went very well. Here is a summary.

- Swam 5400 this morning followed by weights.
- Ran around 10k at noon
- Rode 75min this evening.

Now I am a little tired and trying to find some energy to go watch the LSU OSU game tonight.


John Keltz said…
Blake, discouraging smoking is a good idea, but there are some issues about raising taxes. A lot of people who smoke are not going to quit. And a disproportionate number of people who smoke are poor. So ciggarette taxes tend to be regressive- as in they affect poor people more. (As opposed to our income tax, which is progressive) There is also the idea that the government should limit its paternalism- citizens should be treated as adults and people should be allowed to make their own decisions. Some economists say we can calculate the externalities of a good- increased health care costs, lost of life, second hand smoke, and apply the appropriate tax in this manner. I'm sure there are some articles on this I could find for you if you want.

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