Another piece to the puzzle???

I am spending a lot of time looking into my past ironman performances and trying to learn what I can do better in the future. I am specifically looking at substrate utilization (what my body uses for fuel) and carbohydrate absorption (how much my body can use during exercise).
In addition to reading on the net, I am getting some good input from the guys over at Endurance Corner, specifically Alan Couzens. So far, I have come to 2 conclusions that will hopefully aid in my ability to use fat for fuel and absorb more calories during exercise.
1) Incorporate significantly more "good" fats in my diet.
2) Increase my intake of calories on the bike, close to 500. Alan indicated that by taking in 480 calories per hour, my body should absorb close to what is possible (290 calories per hour). If I can get my body to accept this, I will hopefully eliminate that "bonk" that I have experienced too many times.
I will report back in a few weeks on my progress
Training today:
Run of 10 miles this morning with 4x1 mile at half ironman pace inserted in the middle. Tough session on hilly terrain. Hot out at the clay trail (80's). Foot felt OK...I still feel that I need to watch what I am doing to make sure I don't over-do it (at least until the first training block is done).
Followed the run with a ride of about 1:45, zone 1-2, high cadence.
Afternoon straight swim of 2.1k LCM with mixed cd after.


hey blake nice blogg... tell me oyur next season???? and congrats for the 2007...I want to compite in florida ironman with but its a shame you got injure next time

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