2008 Clermont Training - Day 1

Well, I made it down to Clermont, FL yesterday. If you are wondering where clermont is, click here. It always seems that a weight is lifted off your shoulders when you come from a place like Wisconsin in the winter, to a place like Florida...anytime. Around this time every winter in the north, it seems that myself and many others I know, go on a winter depression roller coaster. I am not sure if it the decreased daylight, the cold, or just the fact that trying to train in December in Wisconsin is just not fun...

In conclusion, I have decided that if I choose to spend an entire winter in a colder climate, racing an early season Ironman will probably not be in the cards.


Today, I started off with a morning run out at the clay trail with Heather Gollnick. Pace was pretty easy today, but I want to avoid crushing it this first week. I have put myself in that hole more than once. Total run was a little over 13 miles in 1:39.

I followed up the run with a 4km long course meter tanning swim. I am definitely more fit in the water this year. 1:25's were not terrible.

Later after noon ride to check out the new position (I will report more in a day or so). I got a F.I.S.T. bike fit at a shop in Illinois called EndureIt. VERY nice place. Anyway, my new seat angle is about 80* and my from end is about 4cm lower. The angles were not much different, I am just rotated forward into a more aerodynamic position. Pic to come soon.

Ok, back to playoff football. More to come soon!



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