Can I grow gills?

I just wanted to post a quick update today. I am back to training, as of about 3 weeks ago and things are going well. I am slowly building my running, as I want to be careful that I am nothing below 100% come the new year.

I have a few focuses until then:

#1 I will be attempting to grow gills :) Well, maybe not...but I will be swimming like a swimmer until January. I will post some of the more notable sessions as I complete them. I am shooting to be able to hold 1:08 per 100y over a 1k TT.

#2 Boosting my FTP on the bike. My first field test gave me a NP of 338w for a 20min TT... My goal is to see if I can hit 350w by January.

#3 Build run volume through frequency. Nothing hard and nothing crazy long. Just consistent, steady running.

I hope everyone else is doing well and enjoying their Holiday's...if you are in Madison area, don't forget about my upcoming seminars at the Trek Bicycle Stores. The topics will include off season training mistakes and making the most out of training through the busy holiday season. We will have A LOT of free food and shwag. There will also be a raffle with over $1000 in prizes!


- Tuesday, Nov 27 at 6pm, Trek Store East
- Thursday, Nov 29 at 6pm, Trek Store West.

Hope to see you there.


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