Ironman Wisconsin Race Report

2007 Ironman Wisconsin Race Report

Swim: 59:20 Bike: 5:18:14 Run: 3:12:59 Finish 9:38:15
15th Professional Male

Well, I had done 8 IM’s before this year’s Wisconsin and I had not made any significant progress in my running. So this year was a big step in the right direction for me. I had some really good things that came out of the day, as well as some learning experiences.

Race week was very boring and I was getting a big itch to race another IM. I even had a few butterflies. At the pro meeting we were told that we wouldn’t get wetsuits because we had a separate swim start and the water temperature was over 72*F. This was a pretty big surprise to everyone.

Race morning came and I went through my usual pre-race routine and before I knew it, I was in the water. I warmed up for a good 20min before the start and actually got cold, we all just tried to keep moving. We lined up and I started second row from the front. The horn went off and the swimmers that were around me, stayed around me. The pace was not that quick and I saw a few of the pre-race favorites in the group, so I was ok with things. My Blue Seventy Pointzero3 suit was awesome and I think it gives a huge advantage. Actually I know it does, 3-5sec per 100m. We came out of the water at just over 59 minutes.

I got onto the bike and felt great. This year I decided that I would try racing just by HR on the bike and not so much by power. I did have the Powertap on the bike for feedback after the race. Well, I was fresh and was able to push a few more watts than I could in training at my race HR. I went through 90k in 2:28 and was holding my own against the main chase group. However the watts soon caught up and I don’t think that I was able to absorb the calories like I needed to. The result was a bonk that lasted through the last hour of the ride. I just tried to stay calm and take in as many calories as I could, even though I was losing significant time. I rolled back to transition and tried to stay optimistic. “I will just run one mile at a time and see how it goes,” I thought.

I started the run and didn’t feel great. My pace and HR were low, but things got better with every mile that passed. I eventually worked my way down to my goal IM pace by mile 8 and felt ok. Nothing too exciting happened and I stayed pretty smooth until about mile 18, when the second trip up Observatory Hill really worked me. I faded a little toward the end, but still ran a solid PR of 3:12:59. I crossed the line in 9:38.

At first I was pretty disappointed with the day, I had wanted to get a Kona slot and wasn’t that close in the end. But I am making great progress and as long as I keep getting faster, that is all that matters. I will now recover for a week or two here and then build again for Ironman Florida in November. I am more motivated than ever to collect a few more pieces of that “Ironman Puzzle,” and to accomplish my goal of going under 9hrs this year.

I want to thank everyone that has supported me this year. Especially my parents, Timex, The Trek Bicycle Store of Madison, Fleet Feet of Madison, Blue Seventy and Trigger Point Therapy. You all are awesome and I couldn’t do it without you!


A said…
Your fast in my book and despite the brief bonk, you posted a great time. You were working like a machine when you passed me on observatory hill, but God I hardly recognized you with those silly compression socks. But hey, if you say they work, then there's something to them.

Good luck at IM FL. Sub nine is screaming fast and with what you accomplished in training and most of your races this year, I eager to see you accomplish it.

Hope to be see you racing next year at IM WI.

luke_witkowski said…
Congratulations Blake on your important breakthroughs! It was great to see you throughout the day grinding away.

Good luck ramping back up for Florida. I'll see you in and around Madison.


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