2 Days

We are now two days out from the IMWI and the weather is looking great. Right now, the forecast is caling for a morning low of about 55* and a high of 77*. The wind direction has changed over the last few days, so we might not get that headwind I was hoping for in the last 25k of the ride.

Today is almost a total rest day for me. I will head to the pool for a little splash and that will be about it. Pro meeting is at 12:30 and then everyone at Timex is having lunch at 1.

Tomorrow is just an easy spin and trot off the bike. I have a Q&A at the expo for Timex at 2:00 and then will check my bike in after that. These last few days really fly by and it always helps to have everything ready to go well in advance. This is another huge benefit of being at home during race week.

The body is really starting to feel strong and I am anxious to race. Thank you to everyone that has sent me encouraging words and support.

This will be my last check in before Sunday. I am lucky #13 this year! See you out there!



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