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The last month has brough a lot of great things on the training front. I will give you a brief rundown.

After an ok race at Lake Stevens, I went right into a tough 2.5 week training block. It was mostly volume focused, but still had some top end work mixed in. This block a few great markers, one being a 20min TT where I was able to average 342 watts.

I then decided to race an Olypic Distance event down in IL. I will post a race report soon, but the race went well. I finished second to a guy that will be known by all soon. I was able to swim with the pack and then almost closed the gap to the front on the bike and averaged 302 watts for a ride of 56:58. This included a stop for a car that made a U-turn in front of me. On the run, I didn't have my top end there(probably from the volume), but still came across in 1:57:22.

This week I am back at it with 2 big days and 2 long runs. I have seen some real breakthroughs this week. Here are the details from two of my key days:

Wednesday: This run followed a big day training on Tuesday. 16 mile run. 10 miles averaging 6:40 per mile, 5 miles averaging 5:45-5:50 per mile and 1 then mile cooldown. Route was run through the UW arb. Challenging terrain in spots.


Swam 4.5km prior to ride, in wetsuit, open water with the guys I have been swimming with late this summer. Majority of the swim was moderate to mod-hard paced with HR of 150-55. Total swim time was 1:05.

Onto the ride, rolled out with race sim transition. I waited until I was past the majority of traffic before settling in. Just kept it steady the entire time: I rode the IMWI course.

Total Bike Split 5:06. (Keep in mind that there are 21 stop signs per loop on the bike, they are pinching cyclists around here, so I believe I lost time here. Also training wheel set-up. The idea was to see if my power on this training ride would yield a sub 5hr split, as well as to see what affect it would have on my run.

Had almost zero fade within the ride, even picked it up a bit toward the end. I nailed the nutrition part of it, 2000cals over 5hrs on the bike. If you include the swim, then it is 2000cals spread over the first 6:05.

Quick transition and onto the run, ran about 7.5 miles(just over 50minutes). Felt great and ran well. Ran on the IMWI run course. 6:45-6:48 for all miles.

My assessment of the level of fatigue is this. I felt like I was car racing. I really wanted to down shift and open it up, I was holding back the entire time, just waiting adn getting more excited as the miles clicked by. Fast cadence and relaxed. I ended with the feeling of endorphins flowing and great visual images.



I will finish out this block in another 10 days and then rest and race Pleasant Prairie Olympic Distance race on August 19th. I love this race. It can be very fast.

I will then recover and finish my peak stuff for IMWI.


I hope everyone is doing well and if you race, I hope that your final late season training is going well. If not, I hope that you are enjoying the rest of your summer.

I will check in again soon.



sentania said…
So I gotta know - what was your wattage for a 5:06 on the course?

I saw you with a couple miles to go while I was finishing up my post ride run - you looked strong and mean!
A said…
I also saw you on the course flying toward Cross Plains. Did I say flying? Yup.

Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding! The hometown favorite wins IMWI.

I like the sound of that :)
Blake Becker said…
Thanks for the nice words guys. 4 weeks to go. Power on that ride was 241w.

It is all about executing(that is my number one focus) and results will come.

Hope to see you two soon.

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