Hard Work....DONE

Just a short note tonight.

Training has been rolling great over the last 6 weeks and I have really built a lot of fitness and have gotten lean, while still building a lot of strength.

I am now past the majority of the hard training and feel ready to go. I am happy, healthy, fit and confident. I will now try to get quiet over the next month to really dial in. I will check in every week or so with a few updates and thoughts.

I am racing this next Sunday at a competetive olympic distance race. Should be fun.

Have a great week.



LT said…
Hi Blake, I used to live in Ocoee, FL, close to Clermont. I remember seeing you riding last Feb, I was there on vacation, taking a break from the Wisconsin winter :( I moved here in 2004)..Same ride I "passed" Lisa Bentley. I guess she was doing intervals on the stretch that takes you to the store in Montverde. Man, I miss those rides. I used to ride with the Windermereroadies.

Good Luck on your race this weekend.


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