Anyone up for a game of Packman?

THIS is how I am viewing Sept 9th. The last build has gone MUCH better than I expected and I feel like I am finally going to be able to show that I can contend...ESPECIALLY in my own backyard. I have spent the summer on this course and doing my research over every inch of it. I know exactly how to "play the game" depending on the conditions.

I have seen PR's across the board and feel that quiet confidence building as we get close to race day. Oh yeah and another small detail, I am finally HEALTHY ;)

Now I rest...2 weeks with a few hard key sessions and a lot of down time. Luis Vargas, my coach has been great in dealing with me and getting me ready for this day. From now on, it is "worry about only the controllables."


I also want to pass along a HUGE congrat's to some of my friends that raced today. Chris McDonald won his first Ironman in Louisville today!! AWESOME job!! JD had a VERY solid day at Ironman Canada and so did Marilyn(Chris' other half). Nice job to all, enjoy your recovery, Yout deserve it!

That is all for now. See you on the 9th.



Brandon said…
Hey Dude- Would wish you good luck but it sounds like you are fit enough where you don't need it. Turn the head off and go for it!


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