Log May13

Today, I headed out for my longest run, 6 weeks out from CDA. 45* and pouring rain were not ideal conditions, but at least I didn't have to ride in it :)

For prep for CDA I have making sure to incorporate plenty of hills into both my cycle and run training. The UW Arboretum gives me the perfect opportunity to do this. On the road, it is a 10km loop that be extended any number of ways. If you want to run on the trails, the preserve is over 70 square miles that are laced with single-track trails. Need to run 2hrs? Don't want to run on the same trail twice? Not a problem here.

Anyway, for my long runs I usually carry gels and take them at a water fountain at about 7k into each loop, then take coke and water before starting the next one.

Today I extended the first 2 loops to 12.5k and then did a 10k+1km cd to finish. The goal was to run at least 2:#0 on the pavement. I really think that for me, having a few long runs on the pavement can be very beneficial(IF it doesn't injure you:) That is what happened 6 weeks out from Arizona). The run was just a mix of easy/steady/IM paced stuff, with a few harder efforts on the hills.

Total run was 2:44:xx and 36 km or just under 23 miles. Good day.

Now I will hvae a mix of recovery days and some days with hard efforts before Florida.

BTW - Here is Wisconsin weather for ya. 45* and rain on my run yesterday. Forecasted high today is almost 90* with sun!


Jon said…
sounds like things are back on track. Keep it up and see you in CDA mate

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