Day 1 & Day 2

Day 1 - 5:31

Started out well with a 5.1km swim as a part of a 30th birthday swim set of 30x200 for my good friend Cindi Bannink. I got in a bit late and only got in 5.1km in about 1:15 swim time.

Late morning steady run in the hills of 1:30 and 20km. Some moderate efforts on the ups, but just steady on the flats in the UW Arb.

30min afternoon core session.

Late afternoon ride of 2:16 in the hills. 90min at IM effort mixed in. Total distance was 71 km.


Day 2 - 7:24

Started early with an 8km easy run in 36:20.

Hopped on the bike for a long day in the saddle. The goal for the day was to climb as much as possible in zones 3 & 4. I managed somewhere just over 10,000ft of climbing. 6:14 ride time and 205km.

Run off the bike at pace, 33:50 run for 8km, HR 150. Felt good.


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