Absorbing Your Training

There has been a lot of buzz revolving around "absorbing your training." It seems that is use to be train BIG, recover, train BIGGER, recover, etc. Then it seemed as though it went to train consistently and people focused soley on that.

Now there is a new buzz around town. Train consistently and train as big as you can and still absorb what you are doing. So what does "absorbing" mean? Well, I believe it means going from one training block to the next without compromising the quality of the training.

I believe that focusing on absorbing your training will also help you avoid injury and stay mentally sharp.


Ok, so I do think that there is place for overload. Like this past week. I trained all winter and mspring at moderate volume with intensity ranging from steady to vo2. Then I raced, then recovered. I felt that my body was use to the usual training, so I decided to go a different route. I wanted to spend 1 -2 weeks in the hills(both riding and running) at steady to moderate effort.

I have decided after talking with a few others that I trust, to only go for 1 round of aerobic overload. I now have 2 easy days and then will hit some more race specific stuff before Disney.

I felt that my swimming was strong, so it would take a backseat for a little while. Emphasis was on solid run volume and bike big miles in the hills. Here is a summary of what the past week included for me:

Sunday Apr 29 - Bike 3:32 113km

Monday Apr 30 - Swim 1:14 5km, Bike 2:16 71km, Run 1:30 20km

Tuesday May 1 - Bike 6:14 205km, Run 1:10 16km

Wednesday May 2 - Swim 1:03 3.8k, Bike 1:31 40km, Run 2:19 31km

Thursday May 3 - Swim 1:05 4km, Bike 2:01 65km

Friday May 4 - Swim 47min 2.75k, Bike 2:53 95km, Run 1:33, 20 km

Saturday May 5 - Swim 1:02 4k, Bike 4:09 131km, Run 1:04 15km

Sunday May 6 - Swim 50min 2.5k

Totals for Block:

Hours: 37:13
Swim: 6:01, 22,100 yds
Bike: 22:36, 720 km
Run: 7:36, 102km
Strength 1:00

So not all that Epic, but I think that it gave me what I was hoping for. Now 2 days easy and then 8 days solid. Before a 4 day rest leading into Disney.


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