A Roller Coaster Ride - April 11 & 12

I will bring you up to speed on what has gone on over the last few days. I awoke with a tooth ache about 4 days ago. At first I didn't think much of it(didn't even mention it in my blog), but it progressively got worse each day.

I will spare you the details, but in short I have an old root canal that has become infected. It has caused swelling, stiffness and tear-filled pain. Yesterday I was thinking of pulling the plug on the race. I couldn't lay down, let alone race. I called my dentist and she prescribed some antibiotics. The prescription meds along with A LOT of IBProfin and some pushing on my tooth has forced the fluid out and relieved the pressure.

The result is that today I am feeling much better. Still stiff, but things are looking great for feeling good on Sunday morning. I will keep you posted.


Ok, today was the first day of Ironman Expo and there were fit people everywhere.

The water is perfect for my Helix Fullsuit, the temp is about 69*. I really like the set-up of this swim, one big loop.

The winds have been crazy here today, gusting to 50mph. There have been power outages all over the city. I rode a loop out on the course and flatted halfway through, out in the dessert. It was AWESOME(a little sarcasm). But it was almost movie like, with tumble weeds and dust devils all over. I hope things settle by Sunday.

In the afternoon I did a seminar for North America Sports and Timex on our new Speed & Distance Body link system. It will be available for viewing on www.ironman.com this weekend.

After the long day I made it back home. I will post pics and more updates from the weekend soon.



Thursday Apr 12

Swim 31min and 2000y in Town Lake. Steady with several hard efforts. Felt good.

Ride at noon, 1:32 and 58km. Good ride with several hard efforts. Flatted in the middle.

Wednesday Apr 11

Julie did some ultra-sound on my calf(still swollen).

Ride of 1:15 and 35km with Russ and that was it for the day.


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