Happy Easter Apr 8 & 9

Sunday April 9 Easter

Well, no chocolate bunnies this year....but I had my last "training day" before IMAZ.

Ride 2:45 on the course. 94km Rode 20min easy and then 30min at 260w, 30min at 230w, 30min at 250w and then 40min at 230w. I learned a lot today about the wind on the course and to expect it to change throughout the ride.

For example. On the first loop I had a head wind and averaged about 35kph up to the turn. On the second time around I had a tail wind and averaged 39kph uphill at 10 less watts. Speeds on the descent were slower on the second loop because of the wind. I will make sure that I have some left in the tank after 150k of riding.

Run off the bike of 22min and 5km all at IM pace. Felt good, HOT. Lower leg was tight for about the first 50m of the run, the n good.

Afternoon swim with Russ...really tired so i kept it easy. 60min and 3000m (3300 yds). Good stretching later in the day and done.


Saturday Apr 7

Swim 45min at 2500 yds

Ride 55min and 30km

Soid stretch and core work 30min.


Jimmy Hinton said…
Lots of positive vibes being sent from humid Houston!

Good luck, B!

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