Catching Up Apr 1-6

Ok, I know I haven't writtetn in a while, but things have been crazy. I will try my best to get you up to speed. I traveled to San Diego for the Timex Team Camp. GREAT TIME! I love the team and everyone that is related to it. Ben, our team manager did a great job in his first year putting the camp together. Nice Job!

Each day we got presentations from all of our sponsors...of which I will name a few. Blue Seventy has an updated cuff for the 2007 Helix wetsuit. It solves the issues with leaky sleeves. They are by far the more versitile wetsuit that I have tried. Keep your eyes open for something special regarding next year.

The TTX frames...well, I have already told you how fast they are...seriously though, they are much more stiff than anything carbon that I have ever been on. Perfect for the IMAZ course.

Spenco is a sponsor that makes insoles for shoes and cycling gloves. I am helping them with their launch of the "Rip-It" triathlon specific gloves. More to come soon. Their insoles have now replaced my superfeet and are much softer. If you ever get sore feet during long runs, it could be from inserts that are too hard. Spenco makes a soft insert that is still very stiff. Check it out.

Related to my injury, the TPMassage Rollers and Balls are helping to fix my foot and ankle problems. The tightness actually stem from up into the calf. Check out the site I think that every athlete should give them a chance. You won't go back to anything else that you were using.

Ok, enough is what I have done the past week. I had to treat camp like complete recovery almost....I am feeling better because of it.

Saturday Mar 31

OFF Travel to San Diego

Sunday Apr 1

Run 8k easy in 40min, calf a bit tight.

Easy ride of 1:15 and 35km

Short easy swim of 50min and 2500 yds

Monday Apr 2

Hard ride with Dave Harju...this guy is strong. 1:57 and 70km

Swim of 45min and 2200 yds with Dave and Natasha, mainset was 60x25 on :30, 3h/1e

Tuesday Apr 3

Run 43min and 10km with Brian Shanning and Josh Ritchie...both great guys.

Travel to Phoenix

Wednesday Apr 4

Swim 3400 yds in 1:02, short mainset in hot pool, yuck, 5x200 on 2:45, 12x100 on 1:30.

Descending run to 10k effort,20easy/20build to HIM/15min at 10k pace...felt good by the end.

Ride 1:50, 1 loop of the course. 60min at 240-260w. 68km total.

Thursday Apr 5

Swim 4300 yds in 1:05, mainset:
800p(9:46), 8x100s on 1:30(1:10-1:12)
400p(4:39), 4x100s on 1:30(1:10-1:12)
200p(2:17), 2x100s on 1:30(1:12)
Easy cd

Easy ride of 1:10, 40km

30min run off the bike at pace, 7km

Friday Apr 6

Swim of 3100 in 50min, 1650 in wetsuit TT, PR.. Nice to see training fatigue gone.
Core and strength work for 45min.

Ride of 1:40 with 18x1min at 350-360w target...took 5 to feel good. Then 3x5min at 250-60w uphill. Good ride, HOT. 55km total

Run of 5k and 22min steady off the bike.


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