Feb 21 & 22...100x100

Thursday Feb 22

Today was my biggest swim session to date. I did the workout with a Jerry Dawson, an athlete who was one of the best pro triathletes in the 80's and who is now setting some top 10 world master's swimming times. He is a stud in the water!

The set was 100x100 on the following pattenr:

5x(10 on 1:30, 5 on 1:25) Swam 1:16 to 1:20, steady
1x(10 on 1:30, 5 on 1:20) Swim 1:16-1:20 again, the 1:20 set was 16,17,17,17,16
Then descend the last 10 to Best effort. Last interval was 1:11

The set turned out to be more of a mental challenge than physical. I had 400 cals in the form of Gatorade Endurance and 2 Power Gels, along with 1 liter of water. Quite warm when we finished, about 80*.

So, here were the day's totals:

Run Early, 59 min and 12 km
Swim, 2:30, 10,050 yds
Bike, 1:15, 30 km


Wednesday Feb 21 (Recovery Day)

I tweaked my knee in the weight room earlier this week and I am giving it a day to feel better. It is nothing major, as I saw the PT and they just said my bursa was a bit aggrivated. So, massage and stretching with ice, IB Profin, etc. BTW - This is a totally different location than any of my knee probs from the past, so I am not too concerned.

Only session today was a swim of 1:04 and 3100 yds. Swim, drill and kick mix...big day tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
Good swim set - SCY?
Anonymous said…
You are a monster. You are dangerous. "That's right Ice-man" he is dangerous.
Blake Becker said…
You guys crack me up...it was SCY.

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